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10 Things Parents Should Know About Apraxia of Speech (AOS)

Portrait Of Crying Baby Boy In Home.

1. AOS can be mild, moderate, or severe.

2. Be Patient! Children diagnosed with AOS require intense speech & language therapy. Progress may be slow at times, but intervention is the key to success.

3. “Why can my child say something once but won’t say it again?” Saying new words can be hard, but with repeated practice they can become easier to say.

4. Use caution when searching the Internet! Discuss your concerns with your SLP first!

5. There is generally no known cause for AOS, however, it often co-occurs with autism, brain-injuries and/or genetic syndromes.

6. There is no cure for AOS, but with speech & language intervention, progress will be made and it can be managed!

7. Take out the stress! Alternative augmentative communication (AAC) might be suggested. Pictures, communication devices, sign language, gestures, etc. can ease the stress of trying to verbally communicate when intelligibility is poor.

8. As speech production improves, connector words (is, are, a, the, etc) and grammatical markers are often a target for intervention.

9. Avoid high pressure communication situations. Kids have better success when they are treated in an easy going & carefree environment.

10. Intensive speech therapy is critical for improvement and practicing at home is the key to success. Singing songs & reading books are generally successful therapeutic techniques.


Britt Krizmanich, M-SLP, CCC
Speech Language Pathologist

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