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Brooke“Normal” Eating Habits
At the age of 2.5 Brooke started occupational therapy for sensory processing disorder and we are so excited to tell everyone she graduated today!! We could have never made it through this journey without the wonderful staff at Pediatric Therapy Center or without, in our opinion, the best occupational therapists out there – Miss Stephanie and Miss Kellie. These women did extraordinary work with Brooke and were, without a doubt, exceptional when this mom would have an occasional emotional breakdown.  Brooke will never eat like most children, but because of the tireless work and effort made by Brooke and her therapists, she is now able to have her own “normal” eating habits!

– Jaclyn L.


Ultimate Struggle Turned Into Fun Learning
I cannot thank the OTs and the ENTIRE staff at PTC enough!! What was our ultimate struggle with our child turned into a fun learning curve for all of us. Words cannot express the entire positive experience this family has had with PTC!!

– Adam L.


Five-Star Facility
Candice, and the entire team of therapists do amazing work at PTC!! We will never be able to express our gratitude for your wonderful therapists and for having a five star facility available to families with extra special kids!!

– Brian D.


Hope for Our Wildly Brave Little Boy
THANK YOU! For a long time I felt truly alone and that unbelievable crazy things only happened in our home. Today at our first visit, we felt HEARD, and more importantly there is hope for our very busy, curious, wildly brave little boy. Thank you for letting us feel normal and heard.

– Shelly G.


Someone to Walk Alongside Us
THANK YOU to the entire staff at PTC! You continue to walk with us and help our kids overcome their challenges and their delays! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for PTC and your dedicated staff members. WE LOVE YOU!

– Jennifer H.


JustinThanks for Giving My Child the Gift of Eating

Our experience with PTC’s Food Friendzy camp was nothing but amazing! When my son Justin started the program, he was barely consistent in eating yogurt or applesauce. Any textures made him gag and most “meals” were stressful, with me cajoling him to eating just 5 bites. During the course he started tolerating more varieties and consuming greater amounts. Even in the last couple months since the course ended, he has continued to increase his texture variance and amounts.


Justin now consistently eats at lunch and dinner and even seems to enjoy eating. He has even been gaining weight too quickly, to the point where we’ve had to reduce his enteral feedings by 20%! Ironically, now I have to cajole him into not talking with his mouth full.


For Justin’s feeding issues, the Food Friendzy camps was by far the best thing we’ve done. We spent 3 years trying to force it, and Justin hated every second. However, he loved this and was always very excited to go. He even still asks me if he can go back. Thank you for giving eating to my son.

– Cristi S.


Treated Like People Not Patients

From our first appointment at PTC it felt different than any of the other gazillion medical/therapy appointments we had gone to prior. We were treated like people, not patients. I had every hope in the world that my son would gain the skills he needed to be able to enjoy life to his potential. The staff at PTC never once made this goal feel impossible. They cheered him on just as much as I did. It was refreshing to be around others who hoped and believed he could do more…the staff at PTC seemed to be just as involved in his success as I was. It was quite an unexpected comforting feeling. At PTC I was allowed to be proud of my son…while elsewhere I was always reminded of his downfalls.

– Lacey R.


Pediatric Therapy Center offers sensory integration therapy to help children overcome fears like getting a haircut.A Panic-Free Haircut
I can’t begin to thank you all enough for providing the sensory friendly haircut event! When we walked in and there were new people and new things going on Cadyn began to panic. Your therapists jumped right in and helped him calm down and become comfortable and even got him into his seat happy and smiling for his haircut. I couldn’t help but smile watching him sitting perfectly still and even smiling at his hairdresser every now and then throughout his haircut. Something that doesn’t happen in Cadyn’s world! Thank you all so much for everything you do!

– Ashley C.


“Failure to Thrive” No More
Sadie started coming to Pediatric Therapy Center when she was 18 months old. She was considered “failure to thrive” and had delays in gross motor skills because she could only take two or three steps unassisted. The physical therapists worked to improve her walking, core strength, and stability. By the time she was just over two years old she was walking instead of crawling the majority of the time.

– Rachael T.


Our Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted Little Boy
Hayun started therapy at PTC at the age of three. Now at four and a half, Hayun is about to graduate from PTC! His emotionality at home and at preschool is age appropriate, we understand 100% of his speech, and he jumps off of high surfaces while keeping up with his peers on the playground! His preschool teacher says he is ready for kindergarten. Our experience with PTC has not only helped Hayun, but also our whole family. Having the support of PTC allowed me to no longer feel overwhelmed by trying to work with him on these skills by myself.

– Lori P.



Amazing Progress After a Brain Injury

Evalee has made such great progress in every area since her brain injury in February of 2010. I truly believe that through the consistent dedication of the physical, occupational, and speech therapists at PTC, Evalee has made such amazing progress. PTC, thank you for always helping our family to continue to treat Evalee without ever giving up. Evalee would not have made such a miraculous recovery without the hard work, dedication, and faith from the therapists and staff at PTC.

– Robin W.