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Food Friendzy Camp

Food Friendzy is a feeding group for children who are picky eaters and problem feeders. New foods are introduced based on the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding protocol. Each group is directed by two or more occupational therapists and focuses on:

  • Eliminating food aversions, including gagging and vomiting
  • Increasing the number of foods a child eats
  • Establishing mealtime routines
  • Increasing oral intake when transitioning from G-tubes
  • Assisting with transitions between food stages (i.e.: moving from purees to solids)

Is Food Friendzy Camp Right for My Child?

Food Friendzy at the Pediatric Therapy Center may be right for your child if he or she:

  • Can follow two-step directions
  • Attends to a task for 10-15 minutes
  • Primarily receives nutrients orally (if transitioning from a G-tube, must tolerate food in the mouth)

For registration or for more information about our current Food Friendzy Camp, please contact us at 402-932-2782.