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It’s An EGGstravaganza!


Instead of Peter Cottontail doing all of the hopping this Easter, here is a great way to work on balance, strength, motor planning, and coordination skills while having fun with an egg hunt! Fill the eggs with different gross motor skills (and a few treats of course), and send your kiddos on an interactive Easter egg hunt!

Items needed:

– Plastic eggs

– Paper

– Pen or computer

– A basket/sand pail

– Small candy, snack, or loose change

How to:

1. Write down different gross motor activities that are age appropriate for your kiddo. If you need some ideas to start, here is a list to choose from:

– Hop on 1 leg 5 times

– Crab walk 20 feet

– Perform an animal walk of your choice, 50 feet

– 10 Jumping jacks

– 10 Jumping jills

– 5 Push-ups

– Hold superman pose 10 seconds

– Run around the yard 1 time

– Skip 20 feet

– Gallop 20 feet

– Stand on one foot for 10 seconds

– Walk backwards across the lawn 1 time

– Bear walk 20 feet

– 10 Sit-ups

– Slither like a snake 20 feet

– Kick a ball 10 times

– Hopscotch course 3 times

– Catch a ball 10 times

– Throw a ball at a target 5 times

– Dribble a ball 5 times

– Frog Jump 20 feet


2. Stuff some eggs with special treats: fruit snacks, gummy bears, gold fish, candy, pennies for the piggy bank, etc.

3. In the remaining eggs you will place a gross motor instruction slip.


4. Hide the eggs around the house/in the yard.

5. Tell your kiddo how many eggs they should go find. I like to do anywhere from 3-5 eggs at a time.

6. Have them open the eggs and have them read (or help them read) the activity.

7. Complete all the found activities.

8. Send your kiddos out to find more eggs and REPEAT! J


Use a sand pail and shovel. Have your kiddos use only the shovel to get the egg and bring it back to the pail.


-Have your kiddo walk like an animal (frog jump, elephant walk, crab walk, etc), skip, or gallop to go get the Easter eggs.

See how creative you can be with your egg hunt and let us see some of your best moves! Therapists at PTC love new, creative ideas!

Kathryn Collin, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist

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