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‘Tis the Season to Be Messy

Candy cane paint, peppermint scented cloud dough, grinch goo bag, erupting candy cane science, peppermint scented oatmeal, and candy cane sensory bin with rice – These are all great ways to get messy and stay merry during the holiday season. You can make an arts and crafts time or play at bath time.

Candy Cane Paint– Mix shaving cream, peppermint extract and red food.


Peppermint Scented Cloud Dough– Mix 7 cups of flour, ½ cup of green or red powdered tempera paint (or crushed chalk), 1 cup of vegetable oil and peppermint extract.


Grinch Goo Bag– a Ziploc bag, green food coloring, craft foam, a permanent marker, clear hair gel and packaging tape or duct tape. Draw the face of the Grinch with permanent marker on the Ziploc bag and fill it with clear hair gel and green food coloring. Use the packaging tape to seal it closed.


Erupting Candy Cane Science– Make some candy cane vinegar (mix vinegar, peppermint extract and red food coloring). Use a dropper and put it in a canvas of baking soda. Add some candy canes to add some color.


Candy Cane Sensory Bin with Rice– Dye ½ of your rice red and leave the other half white and add to a bin.


Peppermint Scented Oatmeal– Add oatmeal, red or green food coloring and peppermint extract to a bin.


These activities are all an excellent way to get your child to play in a variety of textures and explore their sensory system. You can put it on their hands, on their feet or enjoy a crazy and unique bath time! All of these textures can be used while helping your child play, draw letters and explore various shapes and designs. You can also hide things in the mixtures and let your child feel for them using only their touch. We will definitely be trying these during therapy sessions at Pediatric Therapy Center. Enjoy!!!

Kellie Costello, MOT, OTR/L

*Candy Cane Paint was taken from Bath Activities for Peppermint Scented Cloud Dough, Grinch Goo Bag, Erupting Candy Cane Science and Candy Cane Sensory Bin with rice were taken from Growing a Jeweled Peppermint Scented Oatmeal is taken from Train Up a Child.

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