Little League Lacing

Written By:  Ashley Grossenbacher, MOT, OTR/L

My son loves sports and is missing playing team sports right now. I came up with this fun activity to combine his love of crafting and his love of sports…it was a hit!  All you need is paper (the thicker the better, but any will work), scissors, a hole punch and string and/or pipe cleaner.  Kids can complete this entire project themselves with a parent to help with instructions.

  1. Draw a big circle on the paper.
  2. Cut the circle out.
  3. Draw the string lines on your baseball.
  4. Punch alternating holes along each side of the string line.
  5. Use your string or pipe cleaner to lace through the holes going from side to side of the string
  6. Tape the ends of the string/pipe cleaner on the back of your ball.
  7. Find the perfect place to display your masterpiece!

You could do this activity with any type of ball and lace along the lines/strings or pattern.  This is a great activity to work on fine motor skills, hand strengthening, bilateral coordination, and visual-motor integration.  So get creative and have a ball!

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