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At the Pediatric Therapy Center, our speech and language pathologists work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your child’s needs. We ensure that language and speech therapy takes place in an environment that fosters creativity and enjoyment, allowing every child to thrive.

We start every therapy session by attentively listening to your concerns. Our experienced therapists utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to develop a unique treatment plan for each child.

Numerous diagnoses and areas of improvement can be addressed through skilled therapeutic intervention. Discover our services to find out how you can support your child in achieving their fullest potential!


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The Pediatric Therapy Center is dedicated to supporting parents, children, and the community. Our mission is to empower children, families, and the community. As a parent of a child with special needs, you’re not alone. Our staff is here to help your child achieve their goals and assist you in navigating the challenges of raising a child with special needs. Our team of therapists will guide you, and you’ll witness your child’s progress as they try new activities, respond differently, eat new foods, or learn new skills. We believe that our relationship with you and your child is the most crucial aspect of therapy. We’ll celebrate every milestone, big or small, as your child gains new skills, boosts their confidence, and achieves their dreams.

Parents from western Iowa and Nebraska have praised the positive impact PTC has had on their lives. Sarah said, “Your staff has changed our lives, I have a much better understanding of how I can HELP my child. Thank you!”

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Directions to Pediatric Therapy Center

Pediatric Therapy Center is located in the Papillion Professional Park on 72nd Street between Cornhusker Road and Highway 370. Pediatric Therapy Center is about:

2 minutes north of Highway 370
10 minutes west of Highway 75
10 minutes east and south of I-80

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©2024 Pediatric Therapy Center. All Rights Reserved