Therapeutic Gifting Ideas

Wondering what to get for gifts this year? Trying to work on building gross motor, fine motor, and language skills while having FUN?! Let Pediatric Therapy Center help you with our 2021 PTC gift guide.

There are so many different toys that work on a variety of skills to help with your child’s development. It is important to challenge your kids thinking, strengthen their muscles, fine tune their dexterity, and build their language. What are gross motor, fine motor, and language skills?

Gross motor: Skills that require whole body movement and involve large muscles to perform everyday functions. Examples—standing, walking, running, jumping, catching, and sitting upright.

Fine motor: Skills that require the use of smaller muscles in the hand to perform everyday activities. Examples—opening packages, dressing, writing, and cutting.

Language: Skills that require the use of receptive and expressive speech to interact and complete everyday tasks. Receptive language is the ability to understand, such as, reading or listening. Expressive language is the ability to produce, such as, speaking or writing.

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