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Importance of Consistency

Written by: Rose Hatting, MA, CCC-SLP – Speech Language Pathologist

Consistency is the key to success! Attending therapy consistently is important so that muscles get stronger with use, and habits are formed over time.  Muscles are used all through the body. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy all work to strengthen muscles. The stronger a muscle gets, the easier it is to complete tasks. This can be seen when looking at a baby. At first children struggle just to sit, crawl, and walk. After they learn the skill AND build muscles with continued practice, they are able to complete these tasks easily without thinking.

It is important to consistently practice home programming that is sent home by the skilled therapist. Practicing at home facilitates quicker growth of muscles and muscle memory for skills.

The more frequently a child attends therapy and practices home programming skills the quicker they will progress through their goals because their muscles are getting stronger, and they are forming positive habits. When a child does not attend therapy consistently, they often regress because the skills they are learning are not solidified and, without practice, the new skills are lost.


Pediatric Therapy Center provides outpatient occupational therapyphysical therapyspeech and language therapy, and aquatic therapy to children in the Omaha area.  Our team of pediatric specialists have advanced training in treating children with a wide array of special needs. Some of our areas of expertise include autism spectrum disorders, ADD and ADHD, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, Down syndrome, feeding disorders, sensory processing differences, spina bifida, torticollis, as well as many others. Our dedicated staff love to share in the growth and  achievements of each child and family at PTC.

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